Canadian roots music vet Rick Fines has had a long and storied career as one of the country’s hardest working musicians. He has toured across Canada countless times solo, as a duo or with a full band and has recorded over 14 albums and has been a guest on many others. Steeped in roots music, Rick Fines crafts a unique blend of warm-hearted blues, juke joint folk, and dockside soul that both embraces and defies the genres that influence him. As a veteran of the North American blues and folk circuits, he engages audiences with captivating songs, diverse guitar styling and his signature vocal growl. Rick’s career has seen him working in stellar collaboration and as a successful solo act. First gaining attention as part of the legendary Jackson Delta, he’s since released six solo albums, another with his own Rick Fines trio, and a critically acclaimed disc with fellow troubadour, Suzie Vinnick.

Fines’ newest release, Solar Powered Too, was released during a global pandemic, with the bulk of the songs recorded in a little gazebo in the North Kawartha woods, with solar power. You can hear the crickets and cicadas if you listen carefully.

“After spending a lot of my time playing on my National Steel, I knew I wanted to make another album for guitar and voice, only this time it would be mostly slide guitar on a steel bodied guitar”, says Fines. “I decided I wanted to return to my little cabin in the Kawartha Highlands and record again with the modest solar powered setup there - two panels and 4 golf cart batteries.”

The seclusion of the recording process has paid off immensely – bringing to life the honesty of his lyrics and accessibility of his music. With 11 originals and co-writes, and one cover of a Jesse Winchester song (That’s What Makes You Strong), Solar Powered Too is a powerful release, ripe with vivid images of sorrow, optimism, and the complexities of life. Featuring appearances from other respected Canadian artists such as Alec Fraser, Gary Craig, Roly Platt, Melissa Payne, Jimmy Bowskill, Rob Phillips, Suzie Vinnick, Stacie Tabb, Sherie Marshall and Samantha Martin, Solar Powered Too is Rick Fines’ most accomplished album to date. “Releasing an album during a pandemic, when all my gigs are cancelled is a little strange“, he says. “But this album was made with the help of my friends and it carries that strength on its journey.”
Rick believes in the transformative power of music.  When not performing, he can be found teaching and sharing with students across Canada – including work with the Blues In The Schools programs in Ottawa, Saskatoon, Toronto, and Yellowknife.  He’s also participated in the Ontario Arts Council’s Artists in Education program.


2020 - Rick Fines - Solar Powered Too
2015 - Rick Fines - Driving home
2012 - Rick Fines - Muskoka Moon -an original compilation
2006 - Rick Fines - Solar Powered
2006 - Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick – Nothing Halfway
2003 - The Rick Fines Trio – Riley Wants His Life Back
2001 - Rick Fines and Friends – Live at the Harvest
1998 - Rick Fines - Out of the Living Room
1996 - Rob Watson and Jackson Delta Electric Live
1996 - Rick Fines - Arcadia
1995 - Rick Fines -Bootleg
1992 - Jackson Delta - I Was Just Thinking That
1991 - Jackson Delta - Lookin` Back
1989 - Jackson Delta - Acoustic Blues
1988 - Jackson Delta - Delta Sunrise a guest… (sample)
2009 - Jory Nash – New Blue Day                                   
2009 - Marianne Girard - Pirate Days
2006 - Leela Gilday - Sedze
2006 - Kim Beggs - Wanderer’s Paean