Two Maple Blues Award Nominations! Acoustic Act of the Year and Songwriter of the Year!

"I am thrilled to receive 3 nominations for the 2022 Canadian Folk Music Awards! Contemporary Album of the Year, English Songwriter of the Year and Solo Artist of the Year! This is a great honour! Please check out all the wonderful artists nominated., ” - Rick Fines

Canadian Folk Music Awards

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New Songs!

Best Of 2020 - The Rock Doctor, John Kereiff 

#01:  SOLAR POWERED TOO Rick Fines (independent)  This is one of those records that punches you right in the heart.  With a power and imagery that combines the magic of O Brother Where Art thou and Johnny Cash’s American recordings, Solar Powered Too is intimate, deep, and priceless. Unforgettable.

Solar Powered Too 

This new collection of songs was to be released in time for all the spring and summer work that was lined up across the country...

That didn't happen but I decided to put the album out anyway. Recording started a year ago, as a solo -guitar and voice- album, it was decided that some of the songs could benefit from some of my talented friends. I'm happy to say that I have been joined by the following musicians:

Alec Fraser    Gary Craig    Roly Platt    Melissa Payne    Jimmy Bowskill    Rob Phillips…

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Live Music Cancelled! 

These are tough days for musicians! All Rick's shows have been canceled. With any luck 2021 will bring back the music festivals. If so, Rick has been asked to return to each festival that he was hired for in 2020. Meanwhile, all shows were canceled in the Yukon, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. Then shows in Ontario, Newfoundland and New Brunswick were canceled, right in to September.

Perhaps you'd like a musical greeting or "postcard" sent digitally to a friend or loved one? Perhaps a Zoom or Skype guitar…

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