Live Music Cancelled!

These are tough days for musicians! All Rick's shows have been canceled. With any luck 2021 will bring back the music festivals. If so, Rick has been asked to return to each festival that he was hired for in 2020. Meanwhile, all shows were canceled in the Yukon, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. Then shows in Ontario, Newfoundland and New Brunswick were canceled, right in to September.

Perhaps you'd like a musical greeting or "postcard" sent digitally to a friend or loved one? Perhaps a Zoom or Skype guitar lesson? How about a sidewalk concert? Maybe you'd like some music for your website, video or social media? Please consider hiring Rick or another musician who has lost their income sources.

Rick's new album has been on hold while he figures how to afford it. But, there will be news that way soon. The whole album is recorded and ready for mastering!

Onward and upward!