1. One Lone Loon

From the recording Solar Powered Too

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Rick - guitar, voice
Jimmy Bowskill - pedal steel


One Lone Loon R Fines SOCAN

There’s one lone loon flies o’er this place
A mournful tune sung same time every day then just empty space
And a twisted pine and a granite lake
A wind-torn sky of mottled grey, bent out of shape

So the sun can’t shine and all colour’s gone
You were not mine for very long, but the love stays strong
I pray for peace, like I know you know
No, not for me. I want her to feel better. I want her to feel whole

There’s one lone loon and it’s an eerie sound
Broken hearts shatter silence. Empty space with no room found
In the sun. Life goes on. People run from place to place
They seem to get things done while time stands still, while winter looms
Flight needs will and will can seem doomed for one lone loon